Ganesa is the founder & creative director of Jelly Bean Farm. She is excited to share this 100% JBF Mix. Inside is a little taste of what dropped this week as a Juno Download exclusive, past releases and some exciting things to come later this year.

If you like what you hear happy sifting through the back catalogue. JBF releases can be found scattered in bass, techno and electro sections. They include up-comers like Truska, Opus, Lowquid, Foxmind, Henry Greenleaf, Cabasa, Hypho & Sensei. Remixers on the label have included scene staples such as Hodge, Cloaka, and ManiFesto.


Mershak – Orbital (Jelly Bean Farm)
Yilan & Foxmind – Bottleneck (Forthcoming JBF)
WZ – Do It (Forthcoming JBF)
Sensei – Reed (Jelly Bean Farm)
Truska – Rush (Jelly Bean Farm)
Krotone – Tweak (Jelly Bean Farm)
Squane & Rees – Garble (Jelly Bean Farm)
????????????? (Forthcoming JBF)
Jubley – Simplifications (Forthcoming JBF)
Korzi – Sound Freq (Jelly Bean Farm)
????????????? (Forthcoming JBF)
Pro.tone – Identified – (Forthcoming JBF)
Squane & Ebb – Cold Blooded (Jelly Bean Farm)
Squane & Hypho – Dissonant Warning (Forthcoming JBF)
Opus – Pistol Signal (Jelly Bean Farm)