In the South-West UK, with events companies coming and going with the trends, there has always remained a pillar of uncompromised underground dance music: Durty Disco. Brainchild of founder, Tom Mucklow, aka Bigman Japan, Durty Disco has consistently provided home for upcoming bass music artists, also showcasing some of the biggest names in House, Garage and Grime.

We sat down with Tom to have a chat about the South-West music scene, wild party stories and 7 year journey Durty Disco has taken…

Tom Mucklow, aka Bigman Japan

NEW YORK TRANSIT AUTHORITY – “Durty Disco blew my mind! Great crowd who wanna hear the freshest sounds. 10/10”

For all those who don’t know, could you please introduce yourself and Durty Disco?

My name is Tom Mucklow-Price, aka Bigman Japan, and I’m the chief cattle wrangler at DD. Durty Disco, for all those yet to be enlightened, is pretty much an arts and crafts event that started in the South-West UK (laughing). We pride ourselves on being different from the rest…but you’ll have to attend to understand what I’m getting at.

Nice! How are you doing, mate?

Yeah not too bad, been hectic busy in the studio over the last couple of weeks in preparation for May! How have you been?

Ah, I’m doing very well mate, thank you for asking!


Tom Mucklow, Big Narstie and Fish

So, DD has been going strong for 7 years now, being a stable pillar in the pushing underground UK Bass Music within the South West UK, what would you say are some of your finest achievements with DD?

Closest to date highlight would be our ‘Warriors’ themed stage at the last Masked Ball, where 6000 crazy revellers took over a theme park in Cornwall, for what can only be described as a movie… which I guess is pretty fitting! The Royal Wedding Street Party is up there…not forgetting our collaborations with The Tate and a handful of festivals. My personal highlights have been meeting some of the most incredible people along the way… and obviously the elusive gang afterparties

Speaking of afterparties, I know firsthand there is a lot of risqué debauchery at the DD shows and afterparties… tell me your favourite “rockstar” party story that has happened?

Nah don’t believe it for a minute! Don’t be trying to tarnish my name, G! (laughing) I like going to the library and sitting in the quiet section telling people to shut up. Gives me great satisfaction.

Whatever you say Mucklow… whatever you say…

KARMA KID –  “Not sure what’s best about Durty Disco, either the crowd behind or infront of the decks, always a laugh with everyone involved”

B.Traits, Applebottom and Tom Mucklow

Back in the early days, I know you had booked the like of Sly-One, NYTA and Bromley for shows; actually being some of their first shows out of Bristol. We could say you have a keen eye for emerging talent?

From day one it’s been about emerging talent and being different – giving our audience an experience they’ll remember, not just within the music but from the minute they buy their ticket.

Ever considered A&R?

It’s interesting you’ve mentioned A&R as we pride ourselves on our talent scouting. In fact I’m pretty sure I leaked some pretty big news recently on our last radio takeover…always opening my mouth when I shouldn’t be (laughing)

Haha! Well leak some more deets, tell me what you’ve got going on

Well…where to start? I guess with Youth Culture in our birthplace, Falmouth. Then on to the first festival of the year, The Masked Ball, which needs no introduction…Got quite a bit going on in the pipeline setting up foundations for something exciting as well but won’t be opening my mouth just yet…

It sounds really exciting, mate! I’ll expect my guest list confirmation in my email when they get announced…

You’re always welcome, my G!

One more question for you before you head off… The average height of the male population in Japan is 5ft 7in, so how are you Bigman Japan?

I knew this was going to come up but I’m afraid I can’t answer the full question as it’s far from PC (laughing)… The ‘Bigman’ bit is pretty self explanatory… I’ll leave your readers to guess the rest

ROSKA – “Top show, top team and all-round good vibes inside a Durty Disco event”

You can catch Durty Disco hosting The Samurai Temple Stage at The Masked Ball this year. May 27th 2017. Featuring Salute, Last Japan, Skelecta and many more…


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