The Hungarian bass wizard, professionally known as Khésis, brings a fresh palette of Saucy treats for you to feast on with this four variety EP containing all original tracks! The title track, Shards, kicks the release off with scattered atmospherics complimented by distant ethnic chants before exploding into a gorgeously syncopated percussive pattern. Second on the list is ‘Slingshot’, which is sure to catapult Khésis into the limelight as he puts on an interesting display of metallic plucks endorsed by a booming 808 alongside licks of various inspirations. Next we move swiftly on to the third track that brilliantly demonstrates this young producers creativity as a flurry of interesting noises climaxes an amazingly arranged array of atmospherics. Bringing this EP unfortunately to an end is ‘Nothing Lost’ brightening the mood with a tongue-in-cheek house banger that will have you bouncing no matter how road you are. All in all this release is seriously something special as it takes you on a journey through tribally bass to funky house however it should really come with a warning label as the bass frequencies from this one may potentially shatter your skull into shards if you’re listening through headphones!

Khesis’ brand new stormer on Saucy hits the stores today:

Supported by AC Slater, Culprate, Zinc, Mafia Kiss, Sly One, TS7, Rico Tubbs and Bushbaby to name a few..

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