Small Emperor – Figures of Eighty [Torre]

Horror Show Style (Figures of Eighty Re-work) – Flowdan

XS – Blanc – [Blanc]

Arches – Figures of Eighty – [Brøken]

The Clay – Figures of Eighty [Dubplate]

Warlord – Talkre – [Brøken]

Next Hype ft. Jakes (Taim Remix) – TC [Don’t Play]

Drones – Talkre – [Saucy Records]

Creed – Klient – [Boss Mode]

Keep Guard – Archive – [Tumble Audio]

Red Jacket – Figures of Eighty – [Torre]

Expensive Suite (Murder he Wrote Remix) – TMSV [Tumble Audio]

Bare My Soul – Empathy Test – [Empathy Test]

Fragile – Detboi [Metalheadz]

I Need Your Love (Archive Remix) – Libre [Play! This Records]

Mass – Opus [Jelly Bean]

Dog’s Tooth – Figures of Eighty – [Torre]

Minzu – Hypho, MC PEAN [Four40 Records]

Nataraja – Offbeats Hustling [Low Pitched Records]

Killa – Negativ [877 Records]

Plaistow – BushBaby, SaidWho [Southpoint]

Initiation – Pact Infernal [Horo]

Topper Top (Kahn & Neek Remix) – Sir Spyro, Killa P, Lady Chann, Teddy Bruckshot [Deep Medi Music]

City Hummingbird (Club Mix) – Jam City [Night Slugs]

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