RBMIX:030 – eatmybeat


Hailing from London, the eatmybeat DJs have come through with a massive collection of industrial and tribal beats for the RBMIX series!


Placid One – Perc [Eddy Larkin]

Yak – Zephyr [Le Chatroom]

OldGold & Subrinse – Whip Game [Dub]

Depf – Untited Funky Riddim [Dub]

Embargo – Siege [eatmybeat]

Kinsman – Private Traps [forthcoming eatmybeat]

FoxMind – Left Swing (ft. Nico Lindsay) [Dub]

Paleman – Leggs [Manchester With Love]

Pedestrian X Jasperdrum – Origins [2nd Drop Records]

Square X Hypho – Hekno [Dub]

Wun – io (VIP) [Dub]

Korzi – System [MWL]

Rnbws – Discipline [Dub]

Cloaka – Mother Tongue [Dub]

Majora – Tande [Dub]

Arma – Ridin [Dub]

SELF – Models [eatmybeat]

WZ – Tamagotchi [forthcoming eatmybeat]

SP:MC – R1 [System]
Commodo – Dyrge [forthcoming Black Acre]

Hypho – EFNOL [Dub]

Phossa – Static [Dub]

Spooky – Criss Cross [Dub]

Doctor Jeep – Katz Dub [forthcoming DRX]
WZ – Rake [Dub]

Muttley X Ishan Sound – Still Smokiní [Tectonic]

Ebb – Totem (Yak Remix) [Dub]

Muttley – Over (Kromestarís We Are Done Mix) [forthcoming eatmybeat]


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