Dissident Sound: Volume 1


Though relatively new on the block, Dissident Sound’s first compilation delivers unbelievable uniqueness and quality comparable to the O.G.’s.

Fans of classic U.K.G., grime, jungle and more can all find gems in Dissident Sound’s Volume 1 – the 8 tracks, despite packing their own individual flavor and punch – are unified by an eerie, Burial-esque vibe that leaves the listener yearning for more.

While the label is no stranger to releasing moodier, gritty tracks, danceability is certainly not sacrificed along the way. Heritage’s “Tribal Stranger” provides a minimal, yet refreshing twist on tribal house, and Movement’s “Spring Heeled Jack” teleports the listener to a thumping warehouse rave.

Many of Dissident’s up-and-comers have already graced On The Wax, Pack London, Simply Deep and more – Volume 1 is a testament to the label’s tasteful selections and marks them as ones to watch.