Denham Audio – Crack Magazine Mix


Historically, Sheffield may be most readily associated with bleep techno, but the steel city trio responsible for our latest Crack Mix have been flying the flag for a different genre: hardcore.

With releases on Exploris and Addison Groove’s Groove imprint, the group mine 130 jungle and hardcore and for inspiration whilst incorporating enough modern production trickery to swerve the pitfalls of gimickry.

Their sensibilities are best showcased on Club Glow Vol. 1 – a hi-viz tape release with Bristol producer Borai. Opener Make Me, a roughed-up breakbeat flip of the Strike classic, became the breakout success via the dual accolades of mainstream radio play and an airing on DJ Seinfeld’s Boiler Room, but the whole release is packed full of club-ready dedications to the halcyon days of UK rave.

Denham Audio’s Crack Mix is replete with tracks from the forthcoming second edition of the Club Glow series as well as more contemporary cuts from their Sheffield contemporaries imbuing it with a washing-up-bowl-in-the-crown timelessness. Proper stuff.

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